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About Our Podcast

Today, in America, our country has been divided and many are in their own echo chambers resorting to tribalistic thinking. Democracy in America is the greatest experiment of all time. Our nation has been put to the test in order to discover how all nationalities, languages,  religions, and cultures can co-exist peacefully. Democracy cannot be taken for granted. It requires vigilance, attention to our governing factions, and an active American citizenry.

The Truth & Democracy Podcast is a pro-democracy movement in America. We are a national group empowering our country to resist threats to our democracy, which are: authoritarian regimes, would-be dictators, and totalitarianism. 

The Truth & Democracy Podcast works with national organizations to educate and activate our fellow Americans from all sides of the political spectrum to protect democracy and voting rights.  With spectacular events and enthralling episodes for you to watch, we share with you in coming together and installing America as the beacon of light to the world. We will protect, uplift, and succeed in the great American experiment.

Your Podcast Hosts

Richard Procida, Esq.

Rich Procida is an attorney and author who cares deeply about the state of our country. He fights for justice and works hard for environmental issues.

Richard graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and has been producing the Truth & Democracy Podcast for over seven years.

Richard works tirelessly everyday as an attorney helping those with disabilities to obtain their everyday needs and services.

Richard has committed his life to serving the American people in every way that he can. T&D Podcast is the creation of a motivated soul determined to achieve a more equitable country for all.


Dom Jones

(Dr. Love & Light)

Dom Jones is a Community Leader, Business Owner, and TV Personality who has masterful experience in helping others through: life coaching, personal development, and interpersonal counseling. She is affectionately referred to by many as "The Doctor of Love & Light". Dom lives her life with the sole purpose of enriching America and the entire World with more love and helping us to all remember that we are all connected.

Dom further guides young female-identifying women in developing the skills to run for elected office as Co-Founder & CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of DemocraShe. Furthermore, Dom serves with Planned Parenthood on the Electoral and Advocacy Committees seeking to continually create more provisions nationally for women's reproductive rights and opportunities for women to run for elected office.


Dom mentors youth as a motivational speaker in developing life skills and educates thousands of youth in middle and high schools across America as Co-Founder and Program Director of The You Matter Global Movement (YMGM) on the importance of overcoming adversity, self-love, resiliency, and authenticity.

With experience as an educator with special needs youth, Dom understands the needs of all members of society, especially those in disenfranchised circumstances. Dom seeks to create a holistic environment of compassion and care within the communities she serves and is on a mission to UNITE America, and help free our nation from divisions and strife.

To build community harmony and unity, Dom Jones has sought appointment to the Huntington Beach City Council Seat and built support that galvanized the city to appoint the first African-American person to represent Huntington Beach, CA on the dais. Dom is the CEO and owner in Huntington Beach, CA of a Premier Indoor Cycling Studio, Propel Cycle Inc. Dom Jones can be seen on Season 34 of The Amazing Race of CBS.


Together Rich & Dom are mobilized and ready to uplift America into more Truth and a more whole Democracy!




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